Facts and Findings

Phone tracking against COVID-19

Using digital technology against an analogue virus

The countries of Asia diligently use mobile phone data and thus identify routes of infection. We too? Yes, but only in accordance with fundamental rights. How do you rate the German way?
  • The combination of GPS tracking and AI-supported big data analysis can facilitate the recording of movement patterns and networking of groups of people. This accelerates the traceability of infection chains.
  • The Asian model of using and storing personal data is not possible without seriously interfering with the privacy and fundamental rights of the citizens.
  • Instead of following the Asian approach, the European project focuses on privacy-preserving proximity tracing (PEPP-PT). This is a voluntary, anonymous and privacy-protecting tracking system based on Bluetooth technology. It has been designed to work across national borders. The idea is to find a balance between public health and privacy protection.
  • With PEPP-PT, Germany and Europe are sending an important signal for a value-based approach to technology that can serve as a model for a modern constitutional state in times of crisis. It also enables the gradual easing of restrictions on movement.

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