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50 years of Germany in the UN

by Paul Berg, Dr. Christina Catherine Krause, Alexander Ruppel

The world in transition – Uniting for Peace?

A look at the past 50 years shows that Germany can successfully set a course: as a non-permanent member of the Security Council, through its membership in the Human Rights Council as well as in other UN bodies. The Namibia Initiative, the mediation between Iran and Iraq in the 1980s, participation in peace and stabilization missions, advocacy for the International Criminal Court or support for a special Ukraine-Tribunal, are all important steps to make the future on this planet safer, more peaceful, and sustainable.

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On September 18, 2023, the Federal Republic will celebrate 50 years of UN membership. 50 years in which Germany became an important player in the UN, sat on the Security Council six times and played a key role in the UN agenda. Be it the commitment to peace, stability and conflict resolution or the advocacy of values ​​and the further development of norms and structures, Germany has achieved a lot within the UN network, has proven itself to be a credible and reliable partner and has developed into an important mediator in the UN.

But the UN faces significant challenges that are becoming increasingly numerous, complex and serious. How the UN deals with Russia is crucial for the future viability of the world organization. After the Second World War, the League of Nations became obsolete. An enforceable international order based on clear rules was to be built and secured through the United Nations. Normatively and structurally, the development from the League of Nations to the United Nations was a quantum leap. It remains to be seen, whether the UN will meet the current and upcoming challenges and remain capable of making decisions and taking action. Can the global community come together and advocate for peace? In this crucial phase of change, Germany must be a protector, amplifier and driver of reforms within the UN.

Read the entire monitor: “50 Years of Germany in the UN: The World in Transition – Uniting for Peace?” here as a PDF.

Please note, to date the paper is only available in german. 

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