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Does the UN Model Still Work? Challenges and Prospects for the Future of Multilateralism

by Dr. Norbert Eschborn, Kim Fontaine-Skronski, Valériane Thool
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Does the UN Model Still Work cover
Does the UN Model Still Work cover
Composed of original articles from academics and policy notes from
practitioners, this book attempts to draw up the state of multilateralism
through the UN model and identify potential ways to address its
challenges and shortcomings. The contributors question the role of
multilateralism, sometimes accused of being fragmented, inefficient and
unrepresentative, and its impact on global governance, democracy, trade
and investment, the environment, and human rights. Since most of the
authors are not from the UN system, the content of the contributions
provides an external and more neutral assessment of the UN’s ability to
continue to function today as a serious actor within a global movement in
favor of a renewed form of multilateralism.

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Kim Fontaine-Skronski, Valeriane Thool, and Norbert Eschborn