Internationale Sommerschule Sarajewo 2011 - Menschenrechte und Transitionsjustiz (18-31 Juli)

SELECTION PROCEDURE for the 5th Edition of ISSS is open until the 15TH OF MAY

Das Rechtsstaatsprogramm der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Zusammenarbeit mit seinem Partner, die Pravnik Association, bietet die Internationale Sommerschule Sarajewo 2011, zum Thema "Menschenrechte und Transitionsjustiz" vom 18 – 31 Juli 2011, an.



Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Accommodation is offered at the Franciscan Students' Hostel in double bedded rooms. The Hostel is at 15 minute walking distance from the city centre in safe and peaceful surroundings.


  • To empower future decision makers to work to establish the Rule of Law and Human Rights system in transitional countries.
  • To widen theoretical and practical skills of participants.
  • To influence changes in transitional countries towards sustainable Rule of Law and the re-spect of Human Rights.

The program encourages applications from graduate and PhD students of law and related disciplines (under the age of 35); including a limited number of undergraduate students from South East Eu-rope, Europe and the US.


200€ for accommodation, meals and working materials. Students from Albania, Bosnia and Herzego-vina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, the Republic of Moldova, and Serbia are eligible to apply for a participation fee reduction of 50%.

Travel costs are not covered by this fee and each participant should take care of personal travel ar-rangements.


If you are interested, all other relevant information are available on the

ISSS 2011 official website or contact us at

Summer school will teach 30 law students on theoretical and practical aspects of human rights in terms of transitional justice process in SEE for 10 days in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The summer school program will be made out of lectures and workshops of numerous prominent experts (theoretical and practicaloriented) from the region and Europe. Students will have classes in the morning and in the afternoon, combined with study time. Visits to domestic and international institutions created to protect/ promote human rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be used as a case study to draw some lessons learned. Additionally, a 3-day Alumni Conference will be organized during scheduled two weeks.

Summer school will also include sightseeing of Sarajevo, visit to Sarajevo Film

Festival, important cultural and historical monuments, and some additional special events (ISSS annual dinner, country presentation night).

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UNITIC Business Center (t.b.c.), Sarajewo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Prof. Eibe Riedel, Prof. Ulrich Karpen, Noemie Turgis, Stephanie Barbour, Thorsten Geissler und viele andere


Eröffnung der 5. Internationale Sommerschule Sarajewo 2011
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Eröffnung der Alumni-Konferenz der Internationalen Sommerschule Sarajewo
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