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How to use, produce and save electric power with responsibility – scholars get an insight in „Energy Efficiency“
About this red-hot topic, we Belgrade organize a presentation of the series "Unter Uns" addressing the KAS scholars. On Wednesday, June, 27th 2018, Đorđe Popović, alumni of the foundation will speak about the topic „Energy Efficiency“.


Is it possible to improve the usage of energy resources in Serbia and to be a rational user? How can power losses in the grid be avoided? How can modern devices help to minimize energy consumption? These are questions that are high on the agenda in whole Europe. But not only governments or enterprises could help to improve our “Energy Efficiency” but every single one of us is called to take care about this topic.

Đorđe Popović is as an attorney at law, head of the panel “infrastructure and industrialization” of the Council of Foreign Investors and vice-president of the panel on real estate issues and energetics of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Serbia a highly esteemed expert for the topic.

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