Liberal Democracies and their Fight against Terrorism -A New Approach

In Cooperation with the Israel Democracy Institute (IDI), KAS Israel organizes an international workshop entitled "Liberal Democracies and their Fight against Terrorism -A New Approach" scheduled to take place at IDI in Jerusalem on Dec 6-7, 2017.


In recent years, liberal democracies have witnessed a shift in the nature of terrorist activities. Changes in society, media, economy and culture present these countries with new sets of challenges they have not faced in the past. The result is a constant pressure to reevaluate means and methods in the fight against terrorism.

The purpose of the program for national security and democracy, and the workshop's focus, is to present decision makers with practical methods of coping with the security challenges facing liberal democracies, while maintaining and strengthening their democratic character. While the focus of the program is naturally Israel, we believe that the lessons and principles are global in their nature.

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