Facts and Findings

Germany’s Presidency in the G20 (III)

by Arbeitskreis Junge Außenpolitiker, The Working Group of Young Foreign Policy Experts

Global Health as a Prerequisite for Security and Stability

In December 2016, Germany will take over the presidency of the G-20.In this and two other papers, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung’s Working Group of Young Foreign Policy Experts makes proposals as to the points which the German government should focus on, as well as ideas for resolving global problems which should be pursued within the G20. In this way, the young foreign policy experts will be helping to shape Germany’s international responsibility in a concrete way. This third paper concerns the importance of global health for security and stability.
Facts and Findings
September 26, 2016
Germany’s Presidency in the G20 (II)
Facts and Findings
September 20, 2016
Germany’s Presidency in the G20 (I)

About this series

The series informs in a concentrated form about important positions of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung on current topics. The individual issues present key findings and recommendations, offer brief analyses, explain the Foundation's further plans and name KAS contact persons.


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