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Poland: political and social impact one year after the start of the war in Ukraine

by David Gregosz, Daniel Lemmen

Poland's role in the Ukraine conflict

As a direct neighbor of Ukraine, Poland is directly affected by the consequences of the conflict.

Due to its geographical location, Poland sees itself as a front-line state in the immediate vicinity of the conflict and its sovereignty and independence threatened. The country was and is confronted with massive migration movements. There are also fears that the conflict will spread to its own territory. Against this background, Poland has presented itself as one of Ukraine's staunchest supporters in recent months, contributing significant military and humanitarian aid. Internally, the Polish government has further sharpened its own security and defense policy priorities. The article examines Poland's changed positions in Europe as a result of the Ukraine conflict and describes significant domestic political changes.

The full-length publication is only available in German.

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February 27, 2023
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