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The pro-European

Representative survey on attitudes toward Europe in the German population

Germans are considered to be traditionally pro-European. How is this reflected in polling data? Do they want to leave the European Union? What issues should the European Union take care of? Which party is best suited to solve the problems at hand? The study sheds light on these questions.

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Germans are still very pro-European. A Dexit is not an issue; on the contrary, a majority even believes that European unification should continue. The images of the Union also remain quite stable over time. The EU is primarily associated with peace, security and prosperity.

The supporters of the Greens and the AfD differ particularly strongly. While Green supporters in particular are decidedly pro-European, skepticism is evident among AfD supporters. This is reflected, among other things, in the fact that 42 percent would agree to Germany leaving the EU. But even among AfD supporters, a slim majority of 52 percent agree with remaining in the EU.

AfD supporters are clearly more euroskeptical than supporters of all other parties. Nevertheless, majorities among AfD supporters also believe that the EU should take care of the economy, immigration and refugees, and defense. Only on the issue of climate protection are AfD supporters somewhat more reserved. But here, too, only about a third reject the EU's involvement. 

The Union is ahead of all other parties in terms of European competence.

Some key findings of our study are:

  • Three quarters of Germans believe that membership of the EU is a good thing.
  • Leaving the EU is not an issue. 87 percent would like to continue membership in the EU.
  • At 22 percent, the CDU/CSU is ahead on the question of which party is best suited to solve the problems at hand. All other parties are attributed significantly lower competence ratings.
  • Only absolute minorities of less than 10 percent would not like the EU to take care of the economy, climate protection, defense and immigration and refugees.
  • AfD supporters are split on the question of Germany remaining in the EU. 52 percent are in favor of remaining, 42 percent for leaving. All other supporters are almost unanimously in favor of Germany remaining in the EU.

Read the entire study “The pro-European - Representative survey on attitudes toward Europe in the German population” here as PDF.

Please note, the study is only available in German.

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