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Imagefilm KAS South Africa: Our institution, our work

A short film presenting our institution and our work in South Africa.

The Konrad Adenauer Foundation South Africa coordinates activities that aim to assist South Africa in its process of democratic consolidation. All of our efforts are directed towards creating social cohesion and empowering civic dialogue. Being a German political foundation working in South Africa, we are necessarily international. Alongside numerous stakeholders from all over Africa and the globe, we promote international dialogue.


We are actively promoting democracy in South Africa. We offer exciting events and numerous publications concerning political participation. We are always striving for inclusion, promoting values of political participation on the ground and providing crucial information to the public. A key concern for the Konrad Adenauer Foundation South Africa is the advancement of Human Rights. To achieve that, we help in ensuring Good Governance and the rule of law. We also want to help with improving South Africa's economic system. By implementing values of social market economy, we aim to make sure that economic growth is inclusive and distributed fairly. Humans closely interact with their respective environment. Keeping that in mind, we implement measures to educate South Africa's population about climate change and possibilities to save energy.


Together with a broad variety of actors from civil society, academia and government, we are able to contribute to creating political awareness in South Africa. We currently have two offices within South Africa, one situated in Johannesburg, the other one in Cape Town. We offer political education, leadership training, political dialogue and networking. We believe that South Africa's youth will have to play an important role in the country's future. To prepare the next generation, we provide scholarship opportunities.


Together we stand for freedom, justice and solidarity!


Christoph Kleiber


Deputy Resident Representative / Project Manager +27 (11) 214 2900-202

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