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Women’s Council

Education for Tomorrow – Women Shape the Future

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Michaela Peisger, Head of Finance Germany der KPMG AG, Berlin (im Bild rechts). KAS / Stefan Stahlberg
The Konrad-Adenauer-Stifung’s Women’s Council is highly diverse ranging from introductory courses on self-representation techniques and rhetoric to themed courses about conflict management and public relations right through to join study trips

Women continue to be under-represented in politics, business and society.

However, more than ever before we need the creativity, commitment and dedication of women to play an equal role in shaping all areas of our society.


Range of Seminars Throughout Germany Only for Women

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung’s Women’s Council is a range of seminars throughout Germany only for women. With our multifaceted events, we would like to embolden you to position yourself well and take responsibility.

The motto “Women Shape the Future” places the focus on ideas, suggestions as well as women’s willingness to make a change in the workplace and when volunteering. In doing so, our seminars will support your personal development and provide assistance with overcoming challenges – in a safe environment.


Highly Diverse: Our Introductory and Themed Courses

You can ensure to make a strong appearance and learn self-presentation techniques as well as rhetoric with our introductory course “klar.souverän.authentisch” (clear.confident.authentic), for instance. Additional themed courses are also broad-ranging such as “Brand I”, conflict management and (digital) public relations, personal branding and study trips, and promote networking among participants.


The Right Learning Atmosphere Is Vital to Success

A few participants express their opinion on this:

“I found the Women’s Council seminar to be informative, entertaining and professional.”

“Each seminar in which I participate at the Women’s Council helps me present myself with more confidence. Time and again, I learn new tips and strategies.

“Getting to know so many amazing women from different sectors is exciting, and it means I gain new perspectives.”

“It is great to have the opportunity to test my skills in a safe environment”.

Event Series and Podcasts

Currently, the Women’s Council offers two regularly occurring digital formats on the themes of social commitment, feminism and emancipation with the event series “Being a Woman”, where women with the most diverse trajectories and convictions talk about topics such as feminism and emancipation, as well as the podcast “Future Women” that focuses on social commitment and personal life stories, among other things.

FrauSein (Being a Woman)

FrauSein Cover


Guests are women with the most diverse trajectories and beliefs. They talk about emancipation and feminism, set their own topics and find creative ways of expressing themselves. Be it a glance at a digital photo album, poems or comedy: the speakers themselves decide how to organise their event.

The “FrauSein” (Being a Woman) of the various speakers will be captured in a graphic recording. This way, each event gives rise to new parts of a picture which is never complete – but each image provides us with a new perspective. The event will be accompanied by interviews in video format on the Instagram channel @kas_rheinland.

On this page, we invite you to explore your own Being a Woman, and to exchange ideas with the speakers! (only in German).


Find out more about the “FrauSein” event series

Zukunftsfrauen (Future Women)

Visual Zukunftsfrauen Podcast


In the podcast “Zukunftsfrauen” (Future Women), women have something to say about their social commitment and associated experience. In the discussion, they report on their personal journey, their own trajectory and the challenges and difficulties facing them on the path towards greater co-determination and the realisation of their own visions and specific goals (only in German).


Learn more about the podcast “Future Women”

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Beate Kaiser

Beate Kaiser

Policy Advisor at the Westphalia Regional Office and Head of the Women’s Council +49 231 1087777-5 +49 231 1087777-7
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