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Public Opinion on the European Union before the European Election 2024

A representative survey on attitudes on the EU

The European elections are due in June 2024. What do people think about the EU, how interested are they in Europe and which party do they hope will deliver European policy solutions? The representative survey explores the mood ahead of the European elections. The interest in the EU is quite high and tends to be positive. A clear majority is pleased that Europe is growing together. Just under half have confidence in the EU. However, there are also critical voices. Around a quarter do not believe that Germany is better off as a result of EU membership.

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After voter turnout in European elections fell below 50 percent from 1999 onwards, there was a turnaround in 2019 when 61 percent of eligible voters cast their vote. An astonishing leap upwards, raising the question what to expect in the upcoming election 2024. 
The mood around six months before the European elections is interested and cautiously positive.
•    The fundamentally positive assessment of the EU is stable. Just under half of Germans trust the EU. A similarly large proportion have a fundamentally positive image of the EU. In contrast, less than a quarter have a negative image of the EU.
•    Approval of Germany's membership in the EU is stable at a high level. 70 percent believe that Germany's EU membership is a good thing. Approval has been at this level for a long time.
•    Over 70 percent are also happy to see Europe growing together within the EU. 18 percent are not confident in their judgment of the EU because they lack sufficient information. However, a remarkable third believes that the EU does not primarily pursue the interests of its citizens.


These and other detailed findings can be found in the full study "Die Stimmung vor der Europawahl 2024” here as PDF.

Please note, the study is currently only available in German.

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