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The "elephant" caught in the balancing act between idealism and pragmatism

by Elias Marini Schäfer

India's role in global development cooperation

With its "Monitor Development Policy" series, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation focuses on the role of non-traditional donors in development cooperation. This time, we take a look at India which, as part of its development policy, is striving to propagate the image of a self-sufficient donor of development assistance worldwide.

India's self-image in development cooperation is one of a needs-driven development partner. Since 2003, the “elephant" has been attempting to promote the image of a self-sufficient donor of development assistance worldwide to combat the international perception of India as a recipient of development aid. Against the backdrop of this emphasis on being a donor, an increasing interlinkage of the foreign, development and economic policy agendas can be observed.
A combination of idealism within the framework of South-South cooperation and pragmatism, as can be observed in various triangular cooperation initiatives, characterises Indian development cooperation to this day.
The competition for influence between the Asian giants India and China is becoming increasingly apparent in the development policy arena. India's development policy activities are often geared towards curbing China's expansion in strategically important regions and increasing its own economic and political influence.
Since the “BMZ 2030” reform, India has been classified as a “global partner” of German development cooperation, with whom it intends to collaborate with greater intensity in order to tackle global challenges. Given mutual interests, deeper development cooperation between the two countries seems possible.
Read the full "Monitor Development Policy" here as a PDF.


Elias Marini Schäfer

Elias Schaefer

Programme Officer

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