Podcast – „A Seat at the Table“


„A Seat at the Table“ (Episode 15)

Changing the Narrative of What it Means to be a Woman in the Region with Rima Husseini

Rima Fawaz El Husseini holds an M.A in Political Science from the American University of Beirut and a Law Degree from The Lebanese University, and a DESS/Master in International Contracts from Holy-Spirit University in partnership with the Faculty of Law in University of Montpellier.

„A Seat at the Table“ (Episode 14)

The Political Scene in Iraq Post the 2021 Parliamentary Elections with Dhikra Sarsam

Dhikra Sarsam, founding member of Burj Babel for Media Development Organization, has held a variety of impressive positions throughout her life.

„A Seat at the Table“ (Episode 13)

Story telling as a Tool for Empowering Youth with Rana Sweis

Rana Sweis is the founder and managing director of Wishbox Media, a company that provides creative storytelling packages, media training and research briefs on the Middle East.

„A Seat at the Table“ (Episode 12)

Women’s Role in the Lebanese Parliamentary Elections with Verena Al Amin

Verena Al Amin is the founder of a student movement called “Taleb”, which is working towards a better Lebanon based on equity and a secular state. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Law from the USJ Beirut and getting her masters from Sorbonne Paris, she is a registered lawyer at the Beirut Bar Association and a legal consultant and researcher for many national and international public policy agencies. She previously was a political journalist at Annahar, Al Modon and many others news outlets and ran in the 2022 Lebanese parliamentary elections as the youngest candidate.

„A Seat at the Table“ (Episode 11)

Engaging Women Youth Voices in Political Activism with Ghiya El Assaad

Ghiya El Assaad is responsible for external relations at the Mintishreen Party, a newly established liberal party that seeks to build a modern, democratic and secular state based on social justice, the rule of law and the respect for human rights. She has also worked as a trainer at the LAU Model Arab League.

„A Seat at the Table“ (Episode 10)

Scholarships as A Pathway to Change with Nadya Rasho and Shirin Khero

Nadya Rasho and Shirin Khero are two Yazidi women survivors who have chosen to pursue an education and enhance their skills as a pathway to bettering their communities. They are both KAS scholarship awardees at the University of Kurdistan as well as civil activists and social reformists who break the bias about women in education after the Yazidi genocide.

„A Seat at the Table“ (Episode 9)

Empowering the Role of Women in Governance with Paiman Ahmad

Paiman Ahmad is the President of the University of Raparin in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, has done extensive research in the role of women in governance and has participated in the Iraqi Leadership Fellowship.

„A Seat at the Table“ (Episode 8)

Youth Empowerment Through Financial Literacy

Dina Shoman is a banking veteran, a serial entrepreneur, and the co-founder of Verity App, a financial education platform for kids and youth. She is also a Young Global Leader with the World Economic Forum and is very passionate about being a force of change in the region.

„A Seat at the Table“ (Episode 7)

Sustainable Social & Economic Development in the Region by Empowering Women with Ghida Anani

Ghida Anani advocates for the development and implementation of policies and laws that enhance women’s effective participation and courageously tests new approaches in her efforts to achieve an equitable society, free of hegemonic masculinities and violence against women. She also works effortlessly with ABAAD to promote gender equality in Lebanon and protect women and girls during times of peace, war and disasters.

„A Seat at the Table“ (Episode 6)

Women in Iraq and Academia with Hadeel Abdulhameed

Dr. Hadeel Abdelhameed is a Konrad-Adenauer- Stiftung non-resident research fellow in Iraqi women’s contribution to political and electoral processes, and a non-resident fellow at Richardson Institute/ Lancaster University. Her research interest is interdisciplinary, focusing on Iraqi gender performance in social movements, and investigating the politics of space in reconstructing gender identities.

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